SMART FOODS is now a Drop Off Location for Children’s Attention Home

childerens-attention-homeSMART FOODS is now a Drop Off Location for Children’s Attention Home in Rock Hill. In addition, Smart Foods will donate A FOOD ITEM with every multiple purchase of the same item. Please see this month’s needs listed below for Children’s Attention Home. Drop Off any of these items at 725 Crossroads Plaza. Remember to pass this message to all your friend.
Thank you for helping your local children and families in need.

“The Children’s Attention Home cares for children who vary in age, gender, and size. We cannot predict when children will enter or exit our care, and it is difficult to always have exactly what a child will need upon arrival. Your donation of a gift card will allow us to purchase clothing, shoes, and other special items to ensure that each child receives something personal.
We will accept gift cards from any stores, but most often, gift cards to Walmart, Target, Belk, and Kohl’s are most useful. The following items top our list of needs for the kids (Please note: due to regulatory and other considerations we can only accept new ‘in the box’ items):

1 – Bicycle Helmets (all sizes / genders)
2- Duffel bags or Suitcases
3- Face wash for teenagers
4- Women’s boy shorts or hipsters – size (5-7) Bras – all sizes (B&C)
5- Men’s boxers – size (M-XL)